Pricing & Plans

Explore our pricing and plans, designed to be flexible and tailored to your project needs. Choose the payment plan that best suits your requirements.



Pay a flat hourly rate for the time we spend on your Webflow project.
Best for:
Small projects
Unclear scope of work
Maintenance & Support
Webflow consultation

Custom Quote

Get a custom quote based on the scope & requirements of your project.
Best for:
Small/Large projects
Clear scope of work
Webflow services & Design
Startups & Businesses
Webflow Partner


Unlimited access to all of our Webflow services, pause or cancel anytime.
Sorry! We are at full capacity.
Best for:
Large projects
Long term scopes/partnership
Webflow services
Startups, Businesses & Agencies
By default

All of our project includes:

Client-First style system
Style-guide page
Basic interactions to improve UX
Project Management with Notion
Fast turnarounds
Communication using Slack or Email
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Page performance optimization
Accessibility improvements
Responsive website development
Testing & quality assurance
Webflow training & materials
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Why Flowchef

We Deliver Quality

We prioritize quality of work and client experience. That's why you get a range of powerups when you work with us!

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Client-First System

All our websites follow industry-leading Client-first system by Finsweet.

Responsive Icon

Fully Responsive

All our websites are made fully responsive for different devices and screens.

Scalable Icon

Flexible and Scalable

We follow organised HTML structure inside Webflow to make website scalable.

Interactions Icon

Faster Turnarounds

We follow efficient development techniques to ensure faster turnarounds, without sacrificing the quality.

Interactions Icon

Advance Interactions

Our team can create simplest to complex interactions inside Webflow using both native and custom JS libraries.

Custom Code Icon

Custom-code Support

Need to go beyond Webflow's capabilities? We provide custom code support to make your vision a reality.

Performance Icon

High Performance

We optimize all our websites for maximum performance and faster loading times.

A11y Icon

Accessibility Guidelines

We follow industry-standard accessibility guidelines to ensure our websites are accessible to all user groups.

Training Icon

Free Webflow Training

We provide free Webflow training to allow your team to efficiently manage and scale your website on your own.

We are certified Webflow Expert Agency!

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover helpful information and explanations to commonly asked questions.

What is Flowchef?

Flowchef began as a personal brand by Harshit Agrawal (currently working at Finsweet) and has since grown into a team of skilled designers and Webflow experts. We assist businesses and startups in spicing up their online presence using the power of Webflow. We're dedicated to delivering top-quality work, ensuring that every website we create looks fresh, professional, scales effortlessly, and performs at its best.

Our expertise lies in Webflow and the no-code tools that revolve around it, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions for your website needs. Our menu of services includes design, development, integration, and automation—all under one roof.

With Flowchef, you'll enjoy a hassle-free experience and a website that leaves a lasting impression. Let us turn your online ideas into reality and cook up a powerful website for you.

What is the typical timeline for building a Webflow website?

We understand that time is important for a perfect launch, which is why we work hard to ensure that your Webflow project is completed on time. Depending on the scope of the work and services you require, a 5-page website can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete. However, if you need it done faster, we can offer a fast delivery option for an additional charge. Rest assured that we are committed to delivering a high-quality website within your desired timeline.

What project management tool do you use?

We use Notion for project and task management, providing you and your team with a shared page to stay in sync, add or remove tasks, and access training materials.

How does your Webflow website development process work?

  1. A Client-First style guide is created to maintain consistency and facilitate future updates.
  2. Images and assets are optimized for faster loading speeds.
  3. The website is developed following accessible and scalable HTML structure.
  4. Minimal interactions and animations are added to enhance the user experience.
  5. The website is made fully responsive for seamless functionality across different devices and browsers.
  6. SEO and page speed optimization is performed to maximize conversions and visibility.
  7. The website is tested on various devices, including mobile phones (iOS and Android), tablets, and computers.
  8. Training materials are provided to help manage the website going forward.

Who will be working on my project?

Our team consists of talented designers and certified Webflow experts who will work directly with you. We prioritize effective communication and will utilize platforms such as Slack to ensure seamless collaboration.

Is there a limit to the number of revisions I can request for my Webflow project?

For our hourly and monthly plans, we offer unlimited revisions. However, if you choose the custom quote option, the number of revisions will be limited.

What is the estimated cost for my Webflow project?

The cost of your Webflow project may vary depending on its size and the services you require. To receive a quote tailored to your specific needs, simply send us an email or submit project details and we'll be happy to provide you with a customized price.

Can you help me with Webflow templates?

Consider using a Webflow template if you have a limited budget or tight timeline and need a website up and running quickly. Our team can help you customize the template to meet your specific needs.

Time to spice up your online presence

We are ready to cook up something special for you, choose a plan that fits your needs and let's get started on creating your website.